• anthros/furries
  • monsters
  • humans
  • feral/quad/whatever characters
  • fanart
  • characters of any gender
  • aliens
  • robots
  • weird xeno junk
  • etc


  • scat
  • watersports
  • diapers
  • underage characters in nsfw or fetish scenarios
  • non-egg-related pregnancy
  • rimming
  • forced femininity
  • characters referred to with derogatory terms like ‘herm', 'shemale’, ‘cuntboy’ etc
  • ‘race change’ TF
  • while I am enthusiastic about drawing fat characters and I enjoy TF where characters end up fatter than they started out, I won’t draw art that involves a character distressed or humiliated over their weight


Although I draw a lot of transformation art, I am not always comfortable with transformation commissions where the subject ends up with different sexual characteristics than they started out with, or 'gender swap' TF. Generally I decide what I'm OK with on a case by case basis, but, I'm pretty much always OK with drawing:

  • a trans character gaining traits they’d prefer to have
  • cross species transformation where a character acquires an appendage that their original species doesn’t have, like a human changing into an alien with tentacle junk or something
  • more broadly anything where gender isn’t really the focus, like a male character with a dick changing into a bird or reptile with the equipment to lay eggs for the sake of him being able to lay eggs

and i won't consider it if:

  • there’s any element of humiliation, sissification, becoming more submissive, etc., associated with the change of sexual characteristics

but otherwise, feel free to ask; a lot of the time it just depends on the specific request. Thanks for understanding!