• I will draw humans, animals, furries, monsters, robots, pretty much anything! I draw both clean and NSFW subject matter, but please note that there are some NSFW/fetish subjects I will not draw. I have the right to decline any commission request.

  • I always send WIPs. I will always check with the commissioner that there are no final changes that need to be made before I post a finished piece.

  • Where possible I try to finish a commission within two weeks of getting it. If it looks like it might take longer than that, I’ll let you know. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need it done by a specific date; I’ll prioritise it accordingly!

  • I work through commissions in roughly the order listed in my queue, but the queue order isn't absolute, and sometimes I'll end up starting something lower down the list first just because it struck me as easiest on a slow day.

  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!


  • Please read my commission information before you ask me a question.

  • Please don't use the email address listed on this site to contact me about anything other than work.

  • Do not contact me about NSFW commissions if you're under the legal age of majority in your country of origin.

  • If there's an aspect of your commission you're unhappy with or you’d like me to redo or change in any way, please tell me as soon as you notice it! It's much easier for me to make changes at the rough sketch stage than when the commission is finished. I promise I do not mind changing WIPs – that's why I send them c:

  • On a similar note, if you have something in particular in mind for your commission, please mention it at the beginning rather than waiting until I've already drawn something to tell me you were hoping I'd make a certain thing visible or draw your character looking a certain way. If I know what you want from the start it saves a lot of time!

  • if you buy a commission from me, it’s totally OK for you to post that commission on your own FA/weasyl/tumblr/etc account as long as you credit and link back to me.